Bring Me The Horizon, Live Concert at The Armory, Minneapolis 2022.
Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Bring Me The Horizon Tour: Disorder on a Wednesday

British metalcore group Bring Me The Horizon rolled into Minneapolis on a seemingly innocuous weekday, stirring local head-bangers as thousands prepared for the sold out Armory energy they so desperately crave.

Often finding their name in tweets and comments of metal “purists”, any contention was left at the door as fans entered, making headway straight toward the pit.

Bring Me The Horizon, Live Concert at The Armory, Minneapolis 2022.
Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Since their first album, Count Your Blessings (2006), Bring Me The Horizon has experimented their way through a controversial transition toward the masses, and into life-long success. Their signature electro-rock genre stands as a rare feat; not often are artists able to cater toward the mainstream while still maintaining their roots.

Alongside BMTH came a diverse three opening acts, with plenty of love from all angles of the far-reaching fandom.

Supporting Acts

Recent breakout artists, Siiickbrain and grandson, felt like a not-so-subtle nod toward younger audience members. Both delivered exactly what was needed to get things moving, hyping folks for what was to come.

grandson. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Knocked Loose

The vibe took a hard left turn as Knocked Loose took the stage.

Front-man Bryan Garris touts some of today’s most unique vocals in metal, and it didn’t take long for the demons to emerge from The Armory’s pit.

Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

For anyone that didn’t take a peak at the opening acts, they may been surprised by the death metal riffs and flying bodies toward the front.

Conversely- other attendees commented that Knocked Loose is the primary reason that they came.

Nicko Calderon of Knocked Loose. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Pausing the show briefly, to replace on-stage power cables, Garris commented, “must’ve been a bit too heavy”.

50 minutes of Knocked Loose had Minneapolis attendees nearly unhinged, itching for the main act.

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Opening with Can You Feel My Heart is a staple for Bring Me The Horizon, and the crowd absolutely ate it up. From the front, sides, and balconies, fans screamed out as the pit pushed forward and into the rails.

Bring Me The Horizon. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Production teams backed the band with a fresh set of visuals large enough to fill The Armory’s 8000-person arena. Onlookers by the entrance kept back to retain their sliver of personal space, and beheld the spectacle proved worthy of international fame.

The gang of dedicated head bangers in the front had no such desire.

Bring Me The Horizon. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

There must have been 50 crowd-surfers sent over the front barrier that night. Their journeys were halted as security ushered them away, back into the madness to go try again.

Not 10 minutes in, lead singer Oliver Sykes paused the intro to Teardrops after noticing a patch of turmoil in the pit. Hundreds shifted to allow EMT escorts a path into the crowd, who soon pulled the fallen out to safety. A class act.

Bring Me The Horizon. Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

Not a dull moment came during their 80 minute set.

BMTH brings a great mix of old and new songs to their tour; most fan favorites were played, and, no, they didn’t perform the Ed Sheeran remix of Bad Habits.

For me, the pinnacle of their performance came with 2008 throwback Diamonds Aren’t Forever, when Knocked Loose lead vocalist Bryan Garris joined the stage for one of the wildest moments I’ve seen at The Armory.

Photo by Chris Kirihara | @kirifoto_

I’ve only said this in New York.. but this is the best fucking show of the tour, for real.

Oli Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon

Many artists have made similar statements, but it felt genuine coming last night.

Did this write-up seem familiar? Check out our coverage from 2019, here.

SET LIST: Bring Me The Horizon Tour, The Armory, Minnesota 10/12/22.

Can You Feel My Heart

Happy Song



Dear Diary,

Parasite Eve


The Best Is Yet to Come

Shadow Moses

Itch For The Cure



Diamonds Aren’t Forever



Follow You


Written by Chris Kirihara


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