Annie Mack Goes Underground

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D85 4441

As you enter the Hamms Building to get to Vieux Carré you find that the Jazz Club is located downstairs. You head on down, and you have two choices (left or right). The way you came in didn’t say which way to Vieux Carré so, of course, you chose the wrong way and ended up turning around. On the other side of the hall sits a long door, you know the one where you need to knock, wait a minute for someone to answer. “What’s the password?”


“You may enter.” It just has that kind of vibe. Absolutely creepy, fantastic and fun. A combination of what you would imagine a Speak Easy would be and an old-school New Orleans Jazz Club in the French Quarter.

You get taken to your seat, order a beverage and maybe some food, then a few minutes later the Band starts playing an instrumental piece. Next, Annie Mack walks up on stage: “Good Evening everyone.”

Annie Mack. Blues, Jazz, vieux carré

It was definitely a laid-back atmosphere as Annie Mack and her band started playing the 1st of 3 sets for the night with a combination of Jazz, Blues, and a touch of Gospel in “Call On Jesus“.

As the night went on, the venue filled up, with most showing up to see the band.  The girls showed up for ladies night, people were dancing up front, every seat at the bar was filled. The only thing missing to make the Vieux Carré truly authentic would be to have the entire bar filled with cigarette smoke. Nope. Don’t need to go that far.

One of the more touching parts of the night was when Annie and the band played a song called “Saving Grace.” She described the song as being about, and a dedication to, her young daughter.

Annie Mack, Blues, Jazz, vieux carré

Plenty of Soulful music throughout the night—  songs like “Love,” and the title track from her most recent EP Release, “Tell It Like It Is.” My favorite song of the night was a great cover of Peggy Lee’s “Fever.” The band also switched gears with uptempo songs, “Baptized In The Blues” and “Fool To Believe,” and broke down into a down-home boogie with “Little Bitty Girl Blues.”

If you like a variety of Blues, Jazz, and Gospel go check out Annie Mack on her Minnesota Love 2018 Tour. You can check the dates here.

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