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  • FKJ at the Skyway Theatre

    FKJ Scorched the Skyway Theatre Last Night

    It could easily take a ten-person crew to accomplish what FKJ does in a single show, and it would provide enough work to keep everyone busy. But he took care of all of it himself and he did it incredibly well. Man, what a pretty show. As a musician, Vince Fenton, aka FKJ, demonstrated more […] More

  • Manila Killa at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis

    Manila Killa Lit Up the Entry on a Thursday

    When I arrived at the Entry for Manila Killa‘s show on Thursday night, opener, AObeats, was still onstage, and he looked about as comfortable with standing on a stage as I do. That is to say, he looked rather uneasy. Thankfully, his music didn’t mirror his feelings or his body language. Instead of stoic, the […] More

  • MIM MarchFourth TheCedar 1 13

    MarchFourth Really Funked Up the Cedar

    MarchFourth, a 20-person marching band that mixes vaudeville and a touch of circus, filled the Cedar last night in Minneapolis, and not just in terms of the audience. The group itself filled the Cedar’s sizable stage with personnel who, in turn, filled the venue with a raucous mix of jazz, funk, hoots and hollers. It […] More

  • Lords Of Acid at The Cabooze Kink Tour

    Lords of Acid Bring all of the Sex to the Cabooze

    I arrived at the Lords of Acid’s Pretty in Kink Minneapolis stop just in time to hear opener Orgy’s cover of “Blue Monday.” It turns out that was just the amount that I needed to hear. It was an absolute sonic mess until I got closer to the stage in the middle of the long, […] More