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  • Gwar Injury Live Costumes Performance Tickets Blood Bruise Minnesota

    Bloody and Bruised after GWAR Concert

    RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Crowd Killing: purposefully injuring the crowd on the edge of a mosh pit while moshing. These are important definitions, but I’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk about the troupe of blood-spraying monsters known as Gwar. Gwar is a heavy metal band. Gwar are performance artists. Gwar are social […] More

  • Ringo Starr Beatles Live Performance MN Minneapolis Ordway

    Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band at The Ordway

    It’s a quiet fall Sunday evening in downtown St. Paul but the Ordway Center for Performing Arts is bustling with activity. It’s Ringo Starr tonight, and the two-thousand-some attendees are dressed to a t. I’m not quite sure what to expect this evening. Will this be a Beatles show? Solo Ringo? Covers? Regardless, I am […] More

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    Courtney Barnett and Julien Baker play Surly Brewing

    I’m back at Surly Brewing’s outdoor concert space once more, today for Courtney Barnett and Julien Baker. I’ve been waiting for this show for months. I’m in right before 7:00 PM, with just enough time to grab a beer and make my way to the stage. Mempisian singer-songwriter Julien Baker’s Sprained Ankle has been a […] More

  • Welcome to Electric Forest - Photo by Chris Taylor

    Electric Forest 2018: The Forest Has Us Now

    DAY ZERO We’ve been in the car, Chris and I, for some eleven or so hours, and the anticipation is finally coming to a head. The two of us have been tasked with attending Electric Forest, an eight-day, two-weekend EDM festival in Rothbury, Michigan. As it stands right now, at 1:00 Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the […] More

  • PHO - Photo by Chris Taylor
    in ,

    An exclusive Electric Forest interview with PHO

    It’s Day 4 of Electric Forest and Chris and I are sequestered in the media area. It’s a good place to start the day: free WiFi and snacks, quiet, distraction free. I caught the tail end of PHO’s debut set late last night at The Observatory (a small late-night stage deep within the Forest) so […] More

  • POS03

    Sweating and Singing at Rock The Garden

    The sun is oppressive, the humidity just monstrous in Minneapolis today. Good music trumps bad weather it seems, as the sculpture garden behind the Walker Arts Center is packed full of sweaty and smiling bodies. Hundreds of twin-citians have braved the heat today for Rock The Garden, Minneapolis’ own outdoor summer music festival. Last year […] More

  • Ranky Tanky 4642

    Ranky Tanky moves a sold out Dakota Jazz Club

    The Dakota is sold out. I’m wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The door guy understandably sticks me at the very back corner of the bar. It’s around 7:30 on a Friday night and everyone is finishing their dinner, wiping their mouths politely with corners of black napkins, making mellow chit-chat. But there is a tension […] More

  • Dr.Dog 20180506 web 04

    Dr. Dog Charms The (Fairly) Newly Renovated Palace Theater

    I am beyond excited tonight. I finally get to visit downtown St. Paul’s newly renovated Palace Theatre. And it’s Dr. Dog to beat. Charmed. It’s bigger in here than I’d expected, the din of the milling crowd bouncing up to and echoing back down from the lofty, half-renovated balcony. This state of half renovation is […] More

  • patrick stickles titus andronicus

    Titus Andronicus Goes Acoustic at The Turf Club

    What I’ve learned tonight is that Titus Andronicus is an album band, presenting a different experience in their live show, but I’ll come back to that. Titus Andronicus is other things too: highly conceptual, loud (most of the time), funny, confusing, not immediately accessible, fun. He’s (they’re) at the Turf Club tonight. Saturday, Saint Patrick’s Day. […] More

  • 23755692 10155718706240479 2647167511635567089 n e1520812181962

    Six Songs from Reina Del Cid

    I’m late. Work gets in the way too often. But I’m here, back at First Avenue’s main room, and Reina Del Cid is on stage, just starting a song. How many have they already played? It’s just past 11pm on a Friday, so hopefully we’re just getting started. The house is half-full and it makes […] More

  • IMG 8027

    ZZ Ward, Black Pistol Fire, Billy Raffoul at First Ave

    Right now there are more fringed suede jackets in First Avenue’s main room than I’ve ever seen in one place before. I’ve counted three cowboy hats (and I guess considering the max capacity at First Ave that’s statistically insignificant- but still.) My body’s usual reaction to this many country-styled thirty-year-olds in one room is cold […] More

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