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    Queensryche deliver The Verdict

    Over three decades, Queensryche has not only brought music to their fans, but also created friendships and families with their active participation in their fan club through the ’90s and in into ‘2000s. These fan clubs, known as Empires [named after the 1990 Empire album], are represented in many counties, states, and cities throughout the […] More

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    Mae Simpson Music

    Someone once said that you have to shuck a lot of oysters before you find a pearl, and today was no different. Meritage Restaurant in St. Paul held their annual Oyster Fest right outside its main entrance. As usual, the masses were slurping down oysters from both coasts, enjoying beer and wine, all while wearing […] More

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    L.A. Guns: Hair and Back Again

    In the 1980’s, the Sunset Strip was about to be set ablaze. Runaways and wanderers filled the streets like roaches, waiting to take over the world with guitars, drums, microphones, and hairspray. A new genre of music was about to descend, leaving its mark and impregnating the airwaves, causing panic in every father across America […] More

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    Throwback Tuesday with REO, Styx, and Don Felder

    As the snow melts in the north, people start coming out of hibernation. Everyone seems to be in a very good mood now that there is more daylight. To make things even┬ábetter, a legendary concert presented itself to the Northland. REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Don Felder decided to captivate an already cheerful crowd. Although the […] More