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    Hometown Heroes Hippo Campus Return to the Palace

    In a world that’s constantly changing, there are few things you can count on. Death, taxes, and Pi are obvious constants, but my experience has led me to discover a few more, including some in the often turbulent world of music fandom. The encore, the town shoutout, the slightly overpriced beer, the merch table. These […] More

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    Hippo Campus Rocks First Ave

    Four young artists that make up the group called Hippo Campus are quickly beginning to turn some heads. After recently acquiring management (Thirty Tigers), the group has been on a roll being featured in countless magazines, music blogs, newspapers have been regularly spotted in pole articles like NME Magazine’s “50 Band New Artists To Set […] More

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    Hippo Campus First Ever Interview

    Before Hippo Campus took the stage for The Current/ Radio K’s “Best New Bands Of 2014” Event, they took some time with Music In Minnesota to introduce themselves to our viewers. Click here to watch Hippo Campus perform “Little Grace and “Souls” live at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Full Hippo Campus Interview Here   What […] More