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  • Episode 19: The Rares, Itch Princess, Gary Rue
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    MNCast [Episode 19]: The Rares, Itch Princess, Gary Rue

    On this new episode of MNCast, your hosts Jimmy and Dan sit down to listen to some tunes from Rochester mersey-beat rock group, The Rares. Afterward, our second song gets experimental with some “Blue and White” by Itch Princess. Finally, we close out with the song “Nothin’ But Time” by local songwriter Gary Rue and […] More

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    Broadside Release PARADISE

    Broadside released their Sophomore album, Paradise this weekend. Nominated for the 2017 APMA’s ‘Best Underground Band,’ [for those that don’t know] Broadside is a pop-punk band, originally from Virginia. The term Broadside can also be used to refer to “the whole side of a ship above the water line.” This representation of water in their band’s name […] More