Snail Mail Rocks First Avenue (PHOTO GALLERY)

Snail Mail – Photos by Juliet Farmer

With a microphone stand wrapped in vines and the stage awash in warm, red lights, Snail Mail brought their latest album Valentine to life at their main room debut over the weekend. The crowd was engrossed and adoring of lead songstress Lindsey Jordan, something that did not go unnoticed by the star herself. After telling the audience that some of their crowds so far haven’t been the nicest, Jordan expressed her gratitude for the warm Minnesota welcome.

The stage was reminiscent of a scene from Romeo and Juliet, and the band seemed as passionate as their lead. Frequently seen grinning, guitarist Benjamin Kaunitz helped Jordan in bringing the lush sounds from the album to life—alongside the other talented band members. And as for Jordan’s own vocal abilities following that major vocal chord surgery earlier this year? Any impact was unnoticeable, and her voice sailed over the crowd as she sang about the kind of heartache that drives the best artists to creation, raw and charming as ever.

See our photos from the show here:

Written by Juliet Farmer


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