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MNCast Episode 31: MRS. & The Sordid Affairs, Henry Johnson, The Immaculate Beings

The crew sits down to chat with The Immaculate Beings about their upcoming project, as well as spin some local tunes from two other local...

MNCast Episode 30: CASTER VOLOR, RADDA RADDA, Bo Weber

MNCast is BACK with Episode 30, featuring music from CASTER VOLOR, RADDA RADDA, and Bo Weber! Click in and listen for yourself. More

MNCast Episode 29: Midnight Notion, Charlie Doesn’t Surf, Wild Age

MNCast is back with episode 29, featuring some rocking tunes from local bands Midnight Notion, Charlie Doesn't Surf, and Wild Age. More

MNCast Episode 28: David Huss, Dead Kings of Norway, Radiochurch

In this episode (28) of MNCast, the guys listen to songs from the likes of David Huss, Dead Kings of Norway, and Radiochurch. More

MNCast Episode 27: My Friend Oatmeal, Smellkin Ernesto, KG

On Episode 27 of MNCast, the guys sit down with Duluth artist KG to discuss her song 2 AM, and listen to songs from My...

MNCast Episode 26: The Only, 88 Diagrams, The Owl-Eyes

Today's episode of MNCast, episode 26, features tunes from The Only, 88 Diagrams and a chat with Ethan of The Owl-Eyes ahead of his album...

MNCast Episode 25: Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil, Lifted Mindz

On episode 25 of MNCast, the season 3 kick-off, Jimmy and Dan listen through tracks from Exx-r (63 1/2), Consider Me Phil, and chat with...

MNCast [Episode 24]: Catbath, Amiensus, Jaedyn James

Episode 24, the season 2 finale is finally here with Catbath, Amiensus, Jaedyn James! Thanks to all of you for supporting us thus far through two...

MNCast [Episode 23]: New View, Capital Sons, Everest

Episode 23, our penultimate episode of Season 2 features some amazing new music from pop-punkers New View, some classic rock-driven tones out of Capital Sons...

MNCast [Episode 22]: Pharaoh, DPLV, Tacky Annie

Heyo! MNCast is back with Episode 22, this one is a banger! We start off listening to tracks from local rapper Pharaoh, and poppy synth...