JPEGMAFIA Brings the Heat to First Ave

With the energy of a tropical storm, JPEGMAFIA burst onto the First Avenue stage last Friday night. From that moment on he had the audience, made up of mostly Gen Z’s with a sprinkling of millennials, absolutely entranced.

Photo by Carlo Cavaluzzi (IG @carlocavaluzzi)

Many audience members knew all the words. The ones who didn’t made up for it with their bodies, jumping up and down to the beat in an excited frenzy. 

JPEGMAFIA, or “Peggy”, as many of his fans call him, brought an equal amount of warmth as he did energy. Following the recent tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld performance, it can be assumed that many of the concert-goers had promised their parents to be careful that night.

Photo by Carlo Cavaluzzi (IG @carlocavaluzzi)

But the crowd stayed impressively under control given the electric energy in the air, and JPEGMAFIA can be thanked for that.

He held the crowd’s attention without asking anything of them, exploding back and forth across the stage effortlessly—a true performer that was a sigh of relief after the recent safety concerns. 

It is clear that the artist certainly won’t be losing any of his loyal fans after the night’s performance. He even surprised a small group of them when he stopped by his merch table after the show.

The group swelled and squealed, rushing to get his autograph and slowly peeling away, one by one, with grins plastered across their faces.

JPEGMAFIA no doubt left his mark on Minneapolis that night, and the fans with “peg” scrawled across their arms, chests, and paper scraps are a perfect indicator of that.

Written by Juliet Farmer


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