Interview With Rapper Marc E. Bassy

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Most known for his previous group, 2 Am Club, Marc E. Bassy talks with us before his show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota opening for G-Eazy and A.S.A.P. Ferg.


Q. Lets talk about the shirt.

A. Shout out to my boy DJ Shabazz. He started a clothing company called Lane San Francisco. This is a brand new store. Im out here representing.

Q. You were from a group called 2 Am Club, correct?

A. 2 am club ended about two years ago. That was my first band in the garage, where we moved to LA when we were 8 to make it in music. Everyone is still a family and we are still on good terms. The hardest part about being in a collective with six people is difficult. Everyone needs to be validated. There was a lot of really smart and talented people in our group, which made it even harder. There was just too many cooks in the kitchen, and this project of mine is much more freeing and easier.

Q. How did you come up with your name?

A. My family calls me marci. My producer is named Count Bassy and so I took his last name to let him know I was serious about this project.
Q. Are you proud of the content you put out there for your fans?
A. Fuck that, its 2016. What can people hide from at this point? I don’t really believe in values and morals the way normal people do. Cussing, sex drugs, all that shit; everyone is so inundated with that all the time. I think it is more taboo and risky to be not like that.

Q. Are you an acquaintance with G- Eazy in a way where he gave you this opportunity, or was this tour a buy on situation?

A. No fuck that, G is my dog. He’s my bro. He’s from the bay too. My tour manager and him went to middle school together. We’ve all known each other and been really proud watching G-Eazy blow up. His team invited us on tour.

Q. The presidential election is really popular. Are you on one side for a specific candidate?

A. I am very pro-Bernie Sanders. I think education should be free and health care should be for everyone. I feel bad seeing people vote against their own interests.

Q. What did you learn most from the year of music school at UC, Santa Cruz?

A. I was only listening to Hip Hop music and my music teacher was a crazy Beatles fan. He taught us scales, chord progressions, so I got a basic understanding. He made us read and play Beatles songs. I kept doing that, and it taught me how to write my own songs, by playing Beatles music, and then slowly changing a few chords or adding some stuff.

Written by Bo Weber

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