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    Deep Sea Diver Discusses the Weight of Touring

    Deep Sea Diver released their third album, Impossible Weight, during 2020. The album was quickly critically acclaimed and the current tour is finally giving Jessica Dobson the opportunity to celebrate it’s release. The Turf Club hosted the 5 piece band that filled the stage with keyboards, synthesizers, a xylophone, drums, and multiple amps. Recreating the […] More

  • Katie Toupin at Entry 8.28.21

    Katie Toupin Shares Her Digits and Life On The Road

    Sitting across from Katie Toupin at The Depot Tavern, it’s easy to see the appreciation and accessibility she has to her fans. I mean, the front page of her website lists a cell phone number stating, “You can text me. I respond. Say hi. Let’s be friends.” As a former member of Houndmouth, Toupin has […] More

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    Stories from Backstage at Blue Ox Music Festival

    Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin returned for its 6th reiteration this past weekend. The family run festival had some last minute cancellations but the depth of the lineup shone through with special double sets and last minute additions. Music in Minnesota wanted to share stories from unique perspectives on what the festival […] More

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    One-On-One: Kashimana and Andrea Beukelman

    Andrea Beukelman didn’t see a lot of live music growing up, but that didn’t prevent her from understanding the power of it. She played piano and sang in choirs. Andrea remembers her first concert was Mannheim Steamrolller (thank you mom and dad) and just much of a treat it was to see live music, at […] More

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    One-On-One: Nur-D and Christina Kast

    Music can have a way of finding it’s way into your life at a young age. For Christina Kast, it started early. As a kid she would keep getting new instruments to learn and play. One after another, soaking up the skills and ability to jump around on instruments. From trumpet, guitar, piano, to drums, […] More

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    One-On-One: Sarah Morris and Kimberly Brady

    Kimberly Brady understands the science behind the importance of music. As a psychologist she encourages people to use music in their healing. She teaches that just therapy and executive functioning only fosters the left side of your brain. Music and the arts engage the right side and incorporate interactive functions. When you have two sides […] More

  • Leslie Vincent at Crooners
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    One-On-One: Leslie Vincent and Alana Horton

    We all find joy in live music in a variety of different ways. Alana Horton graduated with a theater degree and wanted to do something that really scared her. So she picked up drums at the age of 23 and started getting into live music. She then started working at The Cedar Cultural Center, which […] More

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    One-On-One: Mary Bue and Henri Minette

    For years Henri Minette has been a casual champion of our local music scene. He’s lent musicians gear, help fund projects, and even buys the physical album to pass onto others down the path. As a corporate attorney, Henri jokes that as it turns out he probably has more gear and more money than talent. […] More

  • timisarocker at Parkway Theater
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    One-On-One: Timisarocker and Jason Lardy

    From a day-to-day work experience, not much has changed for Jason Lardy. He runs a marketing company and although his clients have had concerns and questions, everybody has really stayed the course. The larger change has come from his side gig. Jason also runs a radio show at Macalester College, which due to covid, has […] More

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