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  • Yung Gravy. Photo Courtesy of The Come Up Show via Flickr.

    Who is Yung Gravy and Why is He Famous?

    A question people might be asking is, who is Yung Gravy? In today’s music world, new rappers emerge from the industry every day, especially with the help of Soundcloud and social media.  One of these rappers is Minnesota-based Yung Gravy, who now works with other well-known artists such as Chief Keef and producer Y2K.  With […] More

  • How to come up with a band name’ is a question that all new bands look for the answer to

    How to Come Up With a Band Name

    The journey of a music band member usually challenges them with several thought-provoking ordeals throughout their lifespan. However, coming up with a band name has to be one of the toughest among them. You cannot just open up the dictionary and name the band with the first word your vision encounters (it may give you […] More

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    Best Country Songs of All Time

    When you feel a twang right from the edges of the hair on your head (or the skin in case you are bald) down to the soles of your feet, you know you are listening to a great country song. A country song is not something many appreciate unless it draws a line and tells […] More

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    The Greatest Music Composers of All Time

    Throughout the history of music, there have been a great number of talented composers. It would be nearly impossible to give someone the title of the best composer of all time. As musical styles have changed, new great composers have emerged.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Perhaps one of the greatest composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, […] More

  • TikTok enthusiasts are always looking for answers to the question ‘how to get famous on TikTok’

    How to Get Tiktok Famous

    How to get Tiktok Famous. Probably everyone who has TikTok on their phone has aspired to get famous on the platform. It is truly a race that involves getting more and more followers and becoming popular among them. The application is probably the trendiest and definitely one of the most popular platforms on social media. It was launched in […] More

  • Album recording cost depends on a number of factors

    How Much Does it Cost to Record an Album?

    If you are at a stage in the production of your music that you are seeking information about an EP or album recording cost, you should have properly prepared backing tracks and lyrics. The melodies for your song or songs should also have been composed. How much it costs to record an album is not […] More

  • Grateful Dead is one of the best rock bands of all time

    Best Rock Bands of All Time

    Rock and roll enthusiasts know that the group that suggests that the genre has lost its relevance has lost good taste. When you listen to some of the best rock bands of all time, it becomes clear that rock music is sure to ace the test of time and will live as long as the […] More

  • Music Fan rocking out with headphones and sunglasses

    20 Best Gifts for Music Lovers

    Buying gift for music lovers can be incredibly difficult. Do you have a music-loving friend or family member and have no idea what to get them? Whether you realize it or not, shopping for a music lover is actually quite easy, as long as you have some basic information about what type of music they […] More

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    Lake Monster Bash 2021 Recap

    Last night Lake Monster Brewing returned with their annual Monster Bash. The lineup of Jaedyn James, Apollo Cobra, Annie Mack, and Black Eyed Snakes provided a day full of amazing music to mix with the specialty beers, food trucks, creative costumes, and spooky decorations. Below is our photo recap of the day.       More

  • Girl drummer with sunglasses on and raising drum sticks

    22 Funny Drummer Jokes

    People like to throw shade at drummers, and according to most band members, it’s not unwarranted. Somewhere along the line, drummers have built a slightly negative reputation of being lazy, unreliable, and a little frustrating to work with. If you’re a drummer and you’re reading this, and you aren’t like all the other drummers out […] More

  • concert angels and airwaves front row skyway theatre tom delonge october 8 2021 minneapolis minnesota
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    Angels & Airwaves – Lifeforms at the Skyway

    Back Again! A Friday night at the Skyway Theatre typically brings the promise of excitement and chaos of the best variety. This time around, that still holds true as fans wait eagerly for the doors to open. Tonight’s big act: Angels & Airwaves, promoting the recent release of their newest album, Lifeforms. Though the topic […] More

  • Feather promo poster
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    Genre-defying EDM Artist Feather Headlines the Loft August 21st

    The Loft in Skyway Theater presents Feather on Saturday, August 21st. It’s an 18+ show at 9pm. His performance will be exciting and fun and inescapable dancing. The experience is going to be uplifting and empowering. The songs are emotionally stimulating but the encompassing beats gift the listener of forgetting their troubles and having a […] More

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