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  • MC_Lars_at_Skyway_Studio_B_Photo_By_Travis_Meier

    Nerdcore Hip-Hop Takes Over Skyway Studio B

    What is hip-hop? It’s a term which is associated with storytelling through rhythmic backing and quick spoken word. The genres of hip-hop cover quite the docket and each carry a unique name based on the content. One of the first was gangsta rap from N.W.A. in the late 1980s. I recently discovered a newer genre […] More

  • Property_of_Twin_Cities_Public_Television
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    Minnesota Original Premieres Music For Mandela

    Enjoying music freely is not something that we think can be controlled. Try and take a minute and think about what that would be like… it sounds like a hypothetical from a Jane Elliott experiment! A little over a quarter century ago, those were the circumstances in South Africa. Practicing or listening to classical music […] More

  • Tina_Schlieske_at_Dakota_Jazz_Club

    Tina Schlieske gets Funky at The Dakota Jazz Club

    Remembering history is often helps ward off future mistakes. A few great examples we should always remember are: never listen to Decca Records on who to sign, avoid Marilyn Manson as your pastor, and don’t use MC Hammer as a financial advisor. But what if we did want to repeat some history? There are plenty […] More

  • 360M0470T_Pain_at_Skyway_Theather_Photo_By_Travis_Meier

    T-Pain 1up’s Performance at Skyway Theater

    Mystery men are, by definition, surprising. I have a friend whose hidden talent is riding a unicycle while eating pizza and playing Yankee Doodle on kazoo. What makes T-Pain a mystery man? He can sing without autotune. I know, my mind was blown, too. He recently released his sixth studio album, 1up, and promoted it […] More

  • Max_Frost_7st_Entry_1st_Ave_Minneapolis_Photo_By_Travis_Meier

    One Man Funk Band Max Frost Rocks The Entry

    The saying “one-man band” is normally used to describe someone who is either a loner or someone with a lot of skills. It’s almost impossible to do successfully in the modern music era. The amount of work that goes into a single may as well be as long as a Minnesota winter. Max Frost is […] More

  • The_Revivalists_Palace_Palace_Theater_Photo_By_Travis_Meier

    The Revivalists and Rayland Baxter Folk Rock The Palace

    Clarity is difficult to achieve, a blurred line that is almost impossible to figure out. When it comes to clarity of sound during a show, bands vary greatly but normally hover around album quality. We all remember that band who was bad live, though. Who was yours? Mine was Matchbook Romance. The rhythm, lyrics, and […] More

  • Marshall_From_Detroit_VR_Interview_With_Sway_From_Felix_and_Paul_Studios
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    Wanna Sit in an SUV With Eminem? Here’s How.

    There are many stereotypical knee-slappers about Midwest cities. No city is the butt of more jokes than “the D,” “Det-roilet,” or just plain Detroit. Once the gold standard of cities, it is now home to a lot of hardship and resilience, to say the least. Yet it gave birth to one of the most influential […] More

  • bring me the horizon, the armory, minneapolis, oli sykes,

    Bring Me The Horizon and a Large, Light-up Square at the Armory

    The late Chester Bennington once wrote, “Time is a valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings.” The pendulum, in my opinion, is a metaphor for age. Age is normally measured in years (unless you’re the unruly parents who have to measure in months). As times goes by you go through fazes and […] More

  • Hooked_Hooked_On_Hamilton_at_Dakota_Jazz_Club

    Addicted to Hamilton? Theater Legend T. Mychael Rambo has the Cure

    Slang and words with double meanings can sometimes be comical, or even disturbing. Consider “addiction.” Addiction is a word with scary loaded meaning! The true meaning is “someone who keeps doing an act to endure a high.” Yet it can be used as a comical escape to describe to a lifestyle or happenings. An example […] More

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