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  • Hooked_Hooked_On_Hamilton_at_Dakota_Jazz_Club

    Addicted to Hamilton? Theater Legend T. Mychael Rambo has the Cure

    Slang and words with double meanings can sometimes be comical, or even disturbing. Consider “addiction.” Addiction is a word with scary loaded meaning! The true meaning is “someone who keeps doing an act to endure a high.” Yet it can be used as a comical escape to describe to a lifestyle or happenings. An example […] More

  • Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland Sundance Film Festival Protesters
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    Was Michael Jackson A Pedophile? New Documentary Reignites Molestation Allegations at Sundance Film Festival

    Warning: this article contains sensitive material The King of Pop died nearly ten years ago, but Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on through his timeless music, high-pitched screams, iconic dance moves…and rumors of inappropriate acts with children. Despite being acquitted of all allegations in a court case 25 years ago, huge questions still remain. What else […] More

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    KONGOS Share Insight into New “1929” Album [INTERVIEW]

    The KONGOS roll through the Fine Line on January 21st to promote their new album, 1929. They gave Music In Minnesota a preview of what is to be expected. MIM:  So have you been busy with your 1929 album? KONGOS – Danny: We were busy finishing up the first part of 1929, which will be […] More

  • Atmosphere, Palace Theatre, Dem Atlas, Lady Midnight, The Lioness, DJ KEEZY, Minneapolis, Hip Hop

    Atmosphere Infest Palace in St. Paul

    I’m listening to Atmosphere! This used to sound crazy. It gave the impression you were listening to meteors or screams from the universe. That is, of course, until the term was co-opted by a Minnesota based hip-hop crew with members named after a strong-skinned terrestrial mollusk (Slug, a.k.a. Sean Daley) and a beefy workaholic eusocial insect […] More

  • 7st_Entry_(1st Ave)_Psychic_Revival

    Psychic Revival Mesmerize the 7th St. Entry

    Original ideas are dazzling and evoke a range of emotions. The idea may be as complex as the flux capacitor from Back To The Future or putting arm holes in a blanket (the Snuggie). The effect is the same: the shiny object controls us until examination helps us understand the high. This happened to me […] More

  • John_Grant_@_Fine_Line

    Subtle Beats Master John Grant Stops by Fine Line

    Months of the year! Imaginary timelines developed to measure patterns throughout the year in prehistoric times. Since then, months have developed stereotypes of what expect from them. For example, February is a dark, cold, and kinda worthless month in which gentleman are normally fined on the 14th for participating in cuffing season. November! A time […] More

  • Brother Ali 1st Ave

    Brother Ali Casts Shadow on First Ave

    Forgetfulness! It’s a part of the daily struggle which we call life. The deed can be treated from a minor shoulder shrug example, “I forgot your personal belonging” to an I-wanna-poison-your-oatmeal example, “I have been on two dates with a girl, kissed her, and don’t remember her name.” Brother Ali’s Shadows of the Sun show was […] More

  • Zombie Pub Crawl Costume Contest 2018 - Photo by Chris Taylor Minneapolis Minnesota

    The Undead Infect NE Minneapolis With Help from Shaq

    October this year has been a wildcard. Normally its thought to be a cooler and colorful time of year which many enjoy. Instead, it’s been a frozen and moist alternative universe which is bringing winter sickness, “the blues.” The symptoms include ungroomed, groaning, brain-dead, and hunched individuals going through the motions of life and disregarding […] More

  • Nitro Circus Live - Target Center - October 3rd 2018

    Nitro Cirus Sends Jaw Dropping Performance to Target Center

    I am gonna live life to the fullest! What can I do different today? What is something new I can try? Sometimes thoughts fall by the wayside because going through the motions of life cause you to press pause on the soundtrack of thought. We don’t bother to think about it because we’re facing depression, […] More

  • @ Cabooze

    Wizardfest Botches Spell on Cabooze

    The magic finally wore off Wizardfest last night at the Cabooze. Unfortunately, one question remains: What was the spell supposed to do? Wizardfest had this great perception of transforming venues into the mythical world of Harry Potter, Fans expected to be hit with wondrous music, imaginative details, and competitive spell games. None of that came […] More

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