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  • Nitro Circus Live - Target Center - October 3rd 2018

    Nitro Cirus Sends Jaw Dropping Performance to Target Center

    I am gonna live life to the fullest! What can I do different today? What is something new I can try? Sometimes thoughts fall by the wayside because going through the motions of life cause you to press pause on the soundtrack of thought. We don’t bother to think about it because we’re facing depression, […] More

  • @ Cabooze

    Wizardfest Botches Spell on Cabooze

    The magic finally wore off Wizardfest last night at the Cabooze. Unfortunately, one question remains: What was the spell supposed to do? Wizardfest had this great perception of transforming venues into the mythical world of Harry Potter, Fans expected to be hit with wondrous music, imaginative details, and competitive spell games. None of that came […] More

  • @ 1st Ave

    Hamilton Cast Revolt at 1st Ave

    Alexander Hamilton! A common household name nowadays to join the likes of Justin Bieber, Twilight Sparkle, and Donald Drumpf. Thanks, in part, to the award-winning play Hamilton, An American Musical, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the drunken friend we all have who spits mumbled history-rap after a few stevewisers. I am not going to waste […] More

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    Wizardfest Places Spell on Cabooze

    The leaves are changing and it’s the time of year for all to return to school. Witches and wizards alike will be able to go abroad to the school of Hogwarts for one night only! The Cabooze will be transformed into the imaginative world of Harry Potter for Wizardfest on September 27th. The same world which has […] More

  • NBT3

    Nothing But Thieves Steals Show at First Avenue

    The end of the week has finally come and it’s time to let loose. The plans are set and the establishment is picked but before you know it everything is awry. Friends are late, and the event let you down like Minnesota professional sports teams. Bypassing the thoughts of the Meatwad, “Do What Now?” scene, you […] More

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    Lord Huron and Trampled by Turtles Fans Devour Grandstand

    It’s the most popular time of year again in Minnesota and fall is slowly approaching. Summer is not complete without a visit to the famous great Minnesota get together (sweat together, smell together, or whatever). That means births which make you question your next meal decision, some of the best people watching outside of space, […] More

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    How to Beat Construction Season in Minnesota?

    The old saying goes in Minnesota we only have two seasons, winter and construction season. Both of which have the same misery in common, being stuck in traffic. There are only two ways to avoid such misery, either not living here or embracing what’s available. That is what thousands did this past Sunday on Franklin […] More

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    Jonny Lang Brings Riffs and Eye-Popping Passion to the Zoo

    Like any child before me, summer was not complete without a trip to the zoo. I remember my 8-year-old-self waking up early and getting to pretend to be Jack Hanna for the day, walking around the exhibits and noticing the elephants, monkeys, penguins oh my…even camels; getting closer than I ever had before. The smells […] More

  • mic

    Fine Line Hosts MN Prince Tribute Band, The Purple Xperience

    With the “Big Game” just around the corner, and thousands of visitors in town looking for the Minnesota experience, any local would suggest paying your respect to Prince in some aspect— Whether it be visiting Paisley Park or his star on the wall at First Avenue. Prince has become a staple of this Mid-west state […] More

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    Destroyer and Mega Bog Decimate Performance at Fine Line

    Walking into Fine Line finally on a bearable night in Minnesota, I was hit with a wall of blue light and static. Thinking it was a faulty sound check, I paid no attention, but chords began to blast. I then was introduced to Mega Bog, and their frontwoman Erin Birgy. Mega Bog is a Brooklyn, NY […] More

  • 2I5A0602 2

    When We Land Host Album Release “Introvert’s Plight” At Turf Club

    It was one of those cold and blustery nights in the Twin Cities. It when the cold air hits the face and one question crosses my mind, “Why?”. The question itself is rarely answered in the moment and I carry on. Trudging through the weather and its obstacles, I found myself at the iconic venue, Turf […] More