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    Somniosus releases long-awaited collection

    Somniosus‘ first, and what may be their only, release is a collection of individual journies. Rather than a cohesive album, each installment of the 5 track EP features its own artwork, theme, and mood. The self-titled collection, which hit Bandcamp earlier this week, is the product of two year’s worth of effort from the Minnesota-based group. From […] More

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    Dirty Revival, Dirt Train ruminate on a messy existence

    The two bands that played the 7th Street Entry Thursday night each brought their own perspective to the challenge of dealing with life. Dirt Train took the stage promptly at 830 and provided the perfect musical accompaniment for a low key night at the bar. The streets outside were wet and shining, illuminated by the lights […] More

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    Steve ‘n’ Seagulls capitalizes on strange success

    The members of Steve ‘n’ Seagulls have taken a slice of viral stardom and turned it into a full-blown, barn-dance style, foot-stompin’, retro hootenanny. The band entered to the blaring sound of the Bonanza theme song. Wearing the same overalls and crazy hillbilly hats featured in their multiple viral videos on Youtube, the Finnish rockers burst forth with fun, […] More

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    Brace Yourself, Twin Cities, Primus and Mastodon are Coming

    In a summer filled with great shows, stacked festivals, and plenty of reasons to seek out strange and wonderous entertainment, the co-headlining tour of prog rock legends Primus and heavy metal giants Mastodon is a quirky highlight. The tour will make its stop at the Myth Live on June 14th, and the venue is the perfect […] More

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    Slayer Rocks Minnesota, One Last Time

    It’s already been a good summer for metal fans in the midwest. After the Northern Invasion hit Somerset, Wisconsin, earlier this month, one might think the fanbase would have been satisfied. Not so. And with good reason. Slayer, one of the reigning kings of the genre, and also one of its defining forces, has decided […] More

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    Leave Prince’s Legacy Alone

    This week marks the two year anniversary of the death of Prince, Minnesota’s home-grown rock legend. While those in the music community are paying tribute to and honoring the memory of the late maestro, there are some who would seek to poke his corpse in a selfish effort to keep the show going. It’s no […] More

  • Phoebe Bridgers Photo by Jessie Tanner

    Phoebe Bridgers’ Farewell Tour Quietly Slaughters

    Phoebe Bridgers reaches into herself and finds that melancholy, she beats it into submission with wit and sarcasm and humor and talent, then she opens her mouth and lets it all escape. Try to get close enough to hear her voice before it enters the microphone, before it gets electrocuted on its way to the […] More

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    Hot Snakes Bring an Old, Sure Message to The Turf Club

    Sometimes it feels like the true spirit of rock and roll has been dead for quite some time, and the ritual of the ‘club rock show’ amounts to little more than an attempt to perform CPR on a corpse. Sure, the effort is inherently noble, but should we instead be putting our energy into new […] More

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    They Might Be Giants “Hate Children”?!

    “I’m sure some internet troll will quote me out of context,” John Linnell said, sporting a knowing smile, speaking into the center-stage microphone at First Avenue. “Then we’ll really be in trouble.” For the record, yes, the quote is out of context. Linnell was telling an amusing anecdote about suddenly being woken up in his […] More

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