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    The Japanese House falls into a good place at The Fine Line

    The Japanese House just released their first album in almost two years back in March. That release impacted how delighted they were to perform most of it at Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis last night. Although before we get into how great The Japanese House is, we have to talk about how insanely talented Art […] More

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    Lola Kirke Turns 7th St Entry into a Dance Party

    From the minute Lola Kirke and Lilah Larson stepped onto the small 7th St Entry stage, the room began to glow with interest. These two came out sporting semi-matching outfits, with Lola in a floral dress and Lilah wearing the same pattern in shirt form. On top of the perfect matching outfits, their co-mingling voices […] More

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    Louis The Child Sells Out Skyway Theatre

    Minneapolis was proud to welcome Louis the Child at Skyway Theatre for a sold-out show on Saturday. Just like any of their shows, they had everyone dancing and jumping around from start to finish. For only twenty dollars, fans were not only able to see Louis the Child but they were also able to see […] More

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    Lostboycrow Gets Intimate at 7th St Entry

    Stepping into 7th Street Entry for what was probably my 100th time, I was unsure of what to expect for the night. I have been a fan of Lostboycrow’s music for a few months now so I was extremely excited to experience this show in such an intimate venue. I usually research the opening acts […] More