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  • Goldroom - Photo by Chris Taylor

    The Goldroom High Seas Tour Experience & Why Minneapolis Needs It

    So get this, there’s this artist that goes by the name of Goldroom. He is known for playing music that is excellent for sailing, going so far as to claim that he makes music exactly for that. (He’s right) His beats have a distinctive low-key house arrangement that also gives you a sense of vastness, […] More

  • Prof at Soundset - Photo by Chris Taylor

    Bedbreaker: The Super Late But Super Entertaining Prof Interview.

    This interview occurred during Soundset 2018, in the artist lot with Prof & Chris Taylor. Bo Weber of Music In Minnesota also participated. (Yes, this is two months late, sue me) Chris Taylor: I feel like we’re gonna have a more fun interview here. Prof: We’ve met before, haven’t we? [Music in Minnesota] Chris Taylor: No. […] More

  • DSC08584

    The Head & The Heart Bring The Feels To The Armory

    It’s been a good six months since I’ve set foot in the Armory. Plenty has happened in that span of time. The super bowl took over, Slayer did their death metal thang, and Tech N9ne welcomed us all to the Midwest. The building has seen its fair share of diverse shows. However, when it came […] More

  • DSC06768 2

    Sweet Heat: The Soundset 2018 Experience

    I have to be a bad luck charm for Soundset Weather. What did I do to piss off the weather gods every time I went to Soundset? I better stop calling Chance The Rapper so corny, maybe he actually controls the weather. Of the Soundsets I’ve attended, one year featured blistering heat, another featured blistering […] More

  • Wet Varsity 20180526 04

    Wet Performs at the Varsity on the Heels of Their New Album

    I’ll just put it in writing right off the bat. I’m a sucker for mopey music. If you were to look at my Spotify stream history, or analyze the data off (R.I.P? Is it still alive? I think I got an email about them updating their privacy policy, oh you too?) You’ll see a […] More

  • DSC03400

    Marian Hill Concludes the ‘Unusual’ Tour at The Palace Theater

    Minimalism is key. The gaps between the notes can be the most impactful and, in turn, make the beats and vocals that much more powerful. Marian Hill thrives in this territory, opting to use a minimalist structure to give their music more of a bite and have it stand out. This style was on full […] More

  • DSC01280 2

    Zola Jesus Plays a Dark, Atmospheric Performance at the Turf Club

    From a first glance, Zola Jesus is a very enigmatic presence. Her Facebook & Instagram are perpetually in black and white and muted colors. Often, when she is not on tour, you will see her living in a very peaceful yet solitary life on her land in Merrill, Wisconsin. I took notice of Zola Jesus […] More

  • DSC00111 2

    Sofi Tukker Goes Batsh*t Crazy at the Fine Line

    Five Stars. 11/10. Two thumbs up way up. I could go on forever with all the praise for Sofi Tukker’s show at the Fine Line. The energy, the uniqueness, the interaction with the crowd and the general fun was all there— through and through. You couldn’t ask for better concert experience, and it all started […] More

  • DSC08184 2

    Jessie Ware Plays An Intimate & Heartfelt Show On Her Return To The Varsity

    It’s been over four years since Jessie Ware made her appearance at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. A lot has happened since then. She’s released two albums, had a kid, made numerous festival appearances, collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and had a few misadventures in Minneapolis (more on that later). However, […] More

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