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  • Louis the Child Live

    Louis the Child Are Torn Between Electronic and Pop

    The thin line between electronic and the mainstream is now blurrier than ever. One need look no further than the meteoric rise of The Chainsmokers to see just how marketable EDM (a term that now induces cringes from longtime fans of the genre, myself included) has become. Even outside of pop-friendly sounds, formerly niche acts […] More

  • PRXZM Minnesota Bar Fly Live Promo Band DJ Fest

    PRXZM Shakes Up Bar Fly

    After their performance of their track “October”, PRXZM vocalist Emma Maidenberg thanked everyone for coming out, and how fitting it was to play that track as October had just rolled around. The lyrics of the song touch on how changing seasons can reflect on the changes of our lives: “Circles, coming back to you / […] More