December 7, 2021

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  • Biggie Smalls. Photo Courtesy of cyphermagazine via Flickr.
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    10 Hip-Hop Artists that Changed the Game

    Hip-hop is hands down one of the most prominent genres in the music industry. Most people hear it every day on the radio, in a commercial, or in a store.  Hip-hop can take on many forms, including DJing, freestyling, gangsta rap, trap, East Coast/ West Coast, contemporary, and, most recently, SoundCloud rap.  November is Hip-Hop […] More

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    The Greatest Music in the 80’s

    No other decade had a more metamorphic time in history than the 1980s, especially when it came to the music industry. Between a variety of genres popping up and becoming wildly popular to the desire to hold on to some of the past, music in this decade was vastly different than the ones prior. The […] More