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    Peter Frampton Storms Off Stage at Minnesota Show

    Peter Frampton, most well-known for his hit songs “Do You Feel Like I Do” and “Show Me The Way” was in Minnesota Sunday night opening for Steve Miller Band at Treasure Island Resort & Casino. During the show, the 67-year-old rocker stormed off the stage with little explanation to the crowd of roughly 8,000 people. […] More

  • Lizzo Embarrassing Performance
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    Lizzo’s MTV Performance Was Embarrasing

    MTV (an initialism for Music Televison) was founded in 1981, exclusively consisting of music videos and live performances of Americas favorite artists. Since then, MTV has strayed from it’s musical roots to cash in on the reality show money. However, music fans have responded and MTV is finally listening. Meet MTV’s newest music-based television show, “Wonderland”. In Season […] More