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    Why Won’t Meghan Trainor Go Away?

    Here we are, once again approaching a brand-new year. Excitement, nervousness, and all the general feelings that come when approaching the unknown are starting to appear. This may even be the first time we experience a New-Year Hangover, as many of us are still attempting to wrap our heads around the total mess 2017 turned […] More

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    Max Frost Headlines the Entry

    Austin native, Max Frost, brought his “one-man musical experience” to 7th Street Entry on Saturday. The twenty-five year old used looping pedals to build every track, live producing with drums, guitar, bass, keys, and vocals. The unique performance enthralled the lively crowd as he played through his original songs like “$Dreams,” “Afraid of Love,” and “Eleven […] More

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    Floyd Mayweather’s Entrance Song Was…

    Connor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather go head-to-head in the most anticipated fight of our generation. But before the exhibition, they must strut their stuff toward the ring with their posse, with a carefully chosen theme song guiding the fighters down the long, narrow walkway. Connor McGregor’s choice? “Hypnotize” by Biggie Smalls. However, Floyd Mayweather made […] More

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    Floundering NASCAR Partners With…… The Chainsmokers?

    The last few years have not been kind to NASCAR. Attendance has been plummeting, the brand is foundering, and they are in desperate need of a rejuvenating event to get a younger generation interested in stock car racing again. Their solution to this problem? A two-day festival leading up to the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis […] More

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    Local Artist Remo Drive Is Gaining Speed

    Remo Drive is a hard hitting alternative indie outfit from suburban Minnesota.  Comprised of Erik Paulson, Austin Voigt, and Stephen Paulson, the young men take influence from their favorite post hardcore, shoegaze, emo and punk bands before them such as Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Seahaven and Pedro the Lion. In my opinion, Remo Drive’s raw […] More

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    Why your kids shouldn’t listen to The 1975

    It’s a cold and windy Friday night in Maplewood, Minnesota. The venue parking lot was full and overflowed into other nearby businesses. The entrance to The Myth Nightclub was blocked by thousands of teenage fan girls trying to keep warm. I had ditched my jacket in the car before grabbing a spot in line, and […] More