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  • Matt Hires American Wilderness


    Matt Hires: Pastor’s Son Finding God on His Own Terms

    American Singer/Singwriter, Matt Hires has had some changes in his life. Hires went from becoming the first artist to sign with F-Stop Music, a sub-label of Atlantic Records, to having no label at all. In our interview, Hires talks of growing up in the church as a pastor’s son, his stint signed by a major label and his current quest […]

  • Tauk Sir Nebula Interview


    NYC Instrumental Group, TAUK Wins Over Festival Goers

    Irony runs thick in the name of New York City Instrumental, Rock, Fusion group, TAUK. Aside from the interview we hosted with the band at NCMF, you won’t hear them “tauk” very often. With no signs of a vocalist, their music is strickly instrumental. TAUK has been hitting the road hard with many respectable music festivals […]

  • BadNraD Black and White


    BadNrad Captures 80’s Nostalgia In Album “Deep End” [Video Interview]

    Minnesota Future/Retro electronic artist, Jake Sullivan, also known as BadNraD has been hiding inside his Golden Valley home for far too long. Inside, a plethora of sentimental memorabilia carefully hung on the walls and placed on shelves surrounding a work space of which I dare to name “the holy grail of all jam rooms”. A dusty drum set sits quietly across […]

  • SonReal Promo


    Interview With SonReal: Crew Survives Bus Accident

    SonReal is a Canadian rapper/singer-songwriter who’s been at the game for over a decade. We caught up with him while on tour with Jon Bellion, a man who’s taken the world by storm with his melodic vocals and do-it-yourself attitude. Together, their passion and drive for music is no match, which created a wonderful energy at […]

  • Zombies The Movie


    Owatonna Film Maker Prepares To Release “Zombies: The Movie”

    Hollywood, California is widely known as the movie making capital of the world. Rightfully so, as the many studios of Hollywood together released approximately 300 movies in the year of 2015. Although, that number is small potatoes compared to the number of independent films made each year. In 2013 alone, over 4,000 indie feature films and […]

  • Step Rockets Promo

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    Step Rockets Interview – No Signs of Slowing Down

    Minneapolis indie rock group, Step Rockets has seemingly came out of nowhere within the last few months. However, they’ve been silently making moves for about two years. Their recent release of their single “Kisser” has sparked a wild fire across the web. Only 13 days after the release of “Kisser”, the track hit #1 on Hype Machine. […]

  • Bre Lewis


    Bre Lewis: The Power Of Positive Thinking

      I first met Bre Lewis when we were just a couple of confused teenage punks with stars in our eyes for music. She was attending the recording college IPR, while my bandmate and I were recording a few songs with a classmate of hers. Since then, our interests and styles have naturally changed plenty, however […]

  • Secret Weapons Interview

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    Secret Weapons Open Fire with “Something New”

    Secret Weapons is a New York based 80’s Pop band grown from the minds of Gerry Lange and Dan E. Created from a frustration of failed attempts in previous projects, Gerry and Dan have finally struck gold. Leaving the responsibility to no one other than themselves, Gerry stepped up from his familiar guitar playing position and grabbed hold […]

  • The Weepies


    The Weepies Beat Cancer Thanks To Medical Marijuana

    The Weepies are an alternative folk duo, who reside in the farmland of Iowa. Their precious melodies and delicate lyrics are known to pull on the heart strings of listeners. The two love birds Steve and Deb have been one of my personal favorite bands since high school, and was very excited to set up an interview with them! […]