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    Twenty One Pilots: Fireworks at the Myth

      The Columbus, Ohio based band Twenty One Pilots has done it again. Singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun never cease to impress fans with their electrifying songs and ever improving presentation. Despite having only two members in the band, they have no trouble outdoing just about any other performance I have ever seen. […] More

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    Minneapolis Man Influences Bob Dylan

    There is no doubt the city of Minneapolis is chock-full of award-winning diners, beautiful architecture and fascinating people. However, some of the best in Minnesota history can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Walk into Palmer’s Bar on Cedar Avenue around 10 a.m. and chances are you will find local […] More

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    The 3 Greatest Moments In Minnesota Music History

    As most of us know Minnesota has never been an underdog in the world of music. Having been voted 2nd overall in the US by for having the “best music scene” outside of NYC, Nashville, and LA, Minnesota has proven to be a significant part our nation’s musical culture. For many well-known artists such as […] More