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    An Acoustic Evening with Dispatch has its Ups and Downs

    As the smooth, dynamically solid music washed over me, and my senses absorbed the moment, I looked up to the high ceilings of the elegant theater and my mind drifted away, into an imagined conversation. Longhair: “Look, if I’m going to tour with you guys, playing the skins and whatnot, I need to be front […] More

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    Dude, You Guys, ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ Totally Rocks

    “It’s just us tonight,” Josh Homme says, seducing the crowd at the sold-out Palace Theater. He is the driving force, guitarist, singer, and songwriter for his flagship group, Queens of the Stone Age, and he gives us a little smile as he takes a drag from his cigarette. “Forget about everything else. It’s Saturday night.” It is […] More

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    Silverstein Bring Experience and Chaos to Triple Rock [Review]

    There is a line of people running along the sidewalk on Ceder Avenue. The forming crowd varies from young girls, hair dyed bright primary colors, bodies wrapped in black hoodies and their flip-haired boyfriends’ protective embraces, to older fans who check their watches, wondering when the doors will open and they can find a spot […] More

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    GWAR: “Because Burger King Rejected My Application” [INTERVIEW & CONCERT REVIEW]

    What do you get when you mix punk rock sensibilities with humble musicians from Richmond, Virginia, and then throw in a strange eco-aware sci-fi plot line and over-the-top violence and theatrics? Well, as anyone who ever watched Beavis and Butt-Head can tell you, those ingredients can only add up to one thing: GWAR. The crazy, […] More