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    Newly-Renovated NorShor Theatre Celebrates with Local Music Showcase

    It was an exciting night last weekend at newly-renovated NorShor Theatre in downtown Duluth. The marquee was up, the curtains drawn, and a buzz of “oooo’s” and “ahhhh’s” filled the revitalized, art-deco space. “My grandmother used to go to dime movies here on Saturdays,” said one woman to her group of friends huddled around a […] More

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    A Tiny Concert That Led to Big Things

    “We pulled the weeds out til the dawn Nearly too tired to carry on Someday we’ll linger in the sun” Gaelynn Lea is a classically trained violinist and singer-songwriter from Duluth. She is known for her experimental, ambient take on fiddle music steeped in Celtic tradition, which incorporates a looping pedal. She was born with […] More

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    Judah & The Lion Take On Palace

    Judah & The Lion returned to the Twin Cities in full force this weekend for the tail end of their “Going to Mars” tour. Last time they passed through, this jaunty folk-rock band was in First Ave’s main room, but this time they found themselves at St. Paul’s Palace Theatre. Varsity, First Ave, now Palace… […] More

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    Emancipator & Ensemble’s Stellar Performance at Fine Line

    It was an interesting start to the night, walking into Fine Line Music Café. Shedding my winter gear and checking out opening act Flamingosis‘ Pepto-bysmal-pink merch table, I was immediately and very warmly greeted by a girl who appeared to be hopped up on something. I wouldn’t say I was flattered by the not-so-subtle affections […] More

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    Kimbra ‘On Top of the World’ at the Cedar

    Many of us know the sheek, Milla Jovovich-esque Kimbra from Gotye’s mega-hit “Somebody That I Used to Know.” You know the one–nude, forlorn Gotye who slowly transforms into an abstract, geometric-painted figure as Kimbra sing-screams into his face. The song achieved critical success–making its rounds in alternative and indie music circles–and put Kimbra on the […] More

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    Lissie’s Return to Icehouse: From I’ve Had Better Days to Best Days

    Lissie isn’t your typical singer-songwriter pop sugar–such as Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, or Sara Bareilles. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of comfort-food acoustic pop you might hear in the background of a random episode of Grey’s Anatomy. This folksy, Stevie Nicks-esque troubadour is in a league of her own–sass, freckles and pipes […] More

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    Typhoon’s Broody New Album at the Turf

    Portland’s orchestral indie-folk collective, Typhoon, hit the Turf Club this week, showcasing their fourth album “Offerings,” a record ridden with ominous storytelling and a melodramatic sonic sound.   Typhoon is known for their very complicated arrangements and rich blend of vocals, violins, horns, xylophone, drums, tambourine, you name it. Eleven members strong, this band has a […] More

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    Jeremy Messersmith’s Obscenely Optimistic Performance

    When the world becomes dark–clouded by spiteful, political spars, weighed down by strained relationships, or hit by grief–it’s easy to become jaded. It’s difficult to find the “bright side,” a “silver lining,” look through those “rosy-rimmed” glasses, sit down and sing fucking kumbaya, when the everything else seems to be going to shit. Let’s face […] More

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    Jake Bugg’s Intimate Fine Line Performance

    This Dylan-esque crooner drew quite the crowd at the Fine Line Tuesday night. Jake Bugg, a lanky bloke from Nottingham, wiled a folk-loving crew with his coarse vocals, bluesy guitar and wry charisma. “Two Fingers!” Some guy yelled out, as soon as Jake stepped on stage–the single that put him on the UK charts back […] More

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    Phoebe Satisfies at 7th Street Entry [PHOTOS & REVIEW]

    So, my first impression of Phoebe? The striking resemblance she has to the green-haired, pants-less cartoon chick hunched over a toilet on her new single’s cover art–flashing deviled horns with one hand and sporting a fruity-ass cocktail to her right. “Fill my cup with zero fucks.” Not a bad opening line for her new kiss-off […] More

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