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    Titus Andronicus Goes Acoustic at The Turf Club

    What I’ve learned tonight is that Titus Andronicus is an album band, presenting a different experience in their live show, but I’ll come back to that. Titus Andronicus is other things too: highly conceptual, loud (most of the time), funny, confusing, not immediately accessible, fun. He’s (they’re) at the Turf Club tonight. Saturday, Saint Patrick’s Day. […] More

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    Six Songs from Reina Del Cid

    I’m late. Work gets in the way too often. But I’m here, back at First Avenue’s main room, and Reina Del Cid is on stage, just starting a song. How many have they already played? It’s just past 11pm on a Friday, so hopefully we’re just getting started. The house is half-full and it makes […] More

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    ZZ Ward, Black Pistol Fire, Billy Raffoul at First Ave

    Right now there are more fringed suede jackets in First Avenue’s main room than I’ve ever seen in one place before. I’ve counted three cowboy hats (and I guess considering the max capacity at First Ave that’s statistically insignificant- but still.) My body’s usual reaction to this many country-styled thirty-year-olds in one room is cold […] More

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    The Current Turns 13 at First Avenue

    Drive 105 was my favorite radio station in middle school. Does anyone remember Drive 105? It was an airwave haven for good music that in 2005 or ‘06, became LOVE 105: The Twin Cities’ Home and Heart (or some such drivel of a tagline.)  My haven was razed. In came 89.3 The Current as my […] More

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    Sofar Sounds Minneapolis Hosts A Secret Night of Music At Day Block Brewery

    I have no idea what I’m walking into here. This is a Sofar Sounds event, so the whole thing is shrouded in intentional mystery. It’s not too hokey if you allow yourself to succumb to wonder. Here’s the deal: Attendees will RSVP on their website, then organizers release the date and time of the show in advance, […] More

  • SurlyFest 2017 Recap

    SurlyFest 2017 Recap

    Last Saturday Surly Brewing Co held yet another SurlyFest at their outdoor festival area. We got to roll through on a media pass (which might be the coolest I’ve ever actually been) and drink some free beer, eat some free food, and much on free tunes. The fest started at eleven in the morning, but […] More

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    Tusks Brings UK Sound To Mpls [Interview + Review]

    I’m in line at the Fine Line. It’s fine, moving pretty quickly. I’ve got a backpack on with like books and an umbrella (you never know) and a sweater and stuff that the door guys seem really interested in (they literally flipped through the pages of my library book) and I realize this is what […] More

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    Party Animal, Andrew W.K. Talks New Album, Tour And…Bach?! [INTERVIEW]

    Infamous for his bloody nose, famous for his high-life attitude, and his songs like, “PARTY HARD”, “WE WANT FUN”, and “YOU WILL REMEMBER TONIGHT”,  It has been a while since we’ve heard from The Ultimate Party King, however, Andrew WK is back, baby! The ripped, long-haired, fulltime celebrator launches a full-band tour this week with a brand […] More

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    ON THE RADAR: Alex Rossi’s New Album Will Make You Dance…and Then Some

    It’s Friday, and I’ve decided to treat it like Friday ought to always be treated if the world were pure and responsibilities were few and all music was as important and central to everyone as it really should be: tenderly but intensely and with a fervent passion and focused dedication towards intoxicants both liquid and […] More

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