bo weber

My love for music began when I was 17. Of course I enjoyed music before then, but it wasn’t until my senior year of high school when the assistant coach of my Track and Cross Country team introduced me to music beyond Top 40 radio. He burned three CDs and gave them to me after practice. On these CDs, were bands I had never heard of. It was great! But it didn’t stop there.

At age 18, I went to my first pop concert in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I witnessed Minneapolis group, Quietdrive give a high-energy performance to a rowdy crowd of UW-Stout college students. That experience alone is what inspired me to chase my own dream of becoming a musician myself. In no time, I was attending as many shows as I could afford to attend. When the concerts concluded, I would wait outside, often times hours to talk to the band who I paid to see. When the opportunity arose, I would have conversations with the artists, asking them questions that pertained to the music industry, as I was hungry for any advice an artist could offer on elusive road to success. I would often secretly record these chats with my iphone poking slightly out of my front pocket in order to catch clear audio. I soon realized I was basically interviewing these people, so I thought, “Why not conduct actual interviews with my favorite artists?”

Fast forward ten years and here we are. I work full time as a graphic designer, create music under my name Bo Weber and share interviews with my favorite artists via Music In Minnesota! I hope you enjoy what I have to offer :)